Available Rentals

Summary of Rental Qualifications and Application Process:

To be considered for approval you must meet the following minimum criteria:

- 3 times the monthly rent amount in combined gross verifiable income

- Credit rating needs to exceed the minimum score of 640

- No criminal record of felonies or violent crimes

- No past evictions

- No bankruptcies within past 7 years

- No active collections, past charge-offs, unpaid past-due credit accounts

- Minimum 2 years qualified and verifiable income from verified source of employment or business

- 5 years of verifiable residence history with positive reviews and timely rent payment history.(If applicant has less than 5 years of verifiable residence history, they may still be considered with increased security deposit equal to 2x monthly rent, as long as all other requirements are met/exceeded)

- Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.